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3-Year Prison Sentence for Algerian Journalist
Free Speech in the Algerian Press Freelance journalist and a symbol of free speech in Algeria, Khaled Dareni, has been...
[Africanews] 10/08/2020
Algerian journalist Khaled Drareni handed three-year jail term
Algerian journalist Khaled Drareni received a three-year prison term Monday, a lawyer said, in a trial rights groups...
[France 24] 10/08/2020
Algeria: Currency depreciation, inflation, recession, and the pandemic: an economy in turmoil
Algiers, Aug 9, 2020 – [Photo: Algerian retirees queuing to withdraw their pensions during a cash crunch in July 2020]...
[The North Africa Journal] 09/08/2020
Economists warn drastic action needed to help Algerian economic recovery
Economists are warning that large scale intervention is needed to rescue the Algerian economy from accruing huge foreign...
[Africanews] 09/08/2020
Abdelhamid Salhi- The story of an Algerian footballer who was never cautioned
The story of Algerian footballer Abdelhamid Salhi, who estimates he played more than 1,000 games yet was never...
[The Africa news] 08/08/2020
200 Tonnes of Food from Algeria to Lebanon Post-Explosion
African Countries Stand in Solidarity with Lebanon African countries extended a compassionate hand of solidarity to...
[Africanews] 07/08/2020
Algeria military establishment continues to undergo leadership purge
On Tuesday, 4 August, Algerian President Tebboune officially dismissed General Abderrahmane Arrar, the head of the...
[The North Africa Journal] 06/08/2020
Africa: Football and Politics - When Algeria Won the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations
[The Conversation Africa] With African football on hold and the Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) rescheduled because of the...
[AllAfrica] 04/08/2020
Trial of Algerian journalist and press freedom icon Khaled Drareni opens in Algiers
The trial opened Monday of Algerian journalist Khaled Drareni, who has become a figurehead of press freedom in the North...
[France 24] 04/08/2020
Football and politics: when Algeria won the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations
With African football on hold and the Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) rescheduled because of t
[The Africa news] 03/08/2020
Algeria: Thousands of hectares of forests in Algeria ravaged by fire
Algeria’s president on Sunday ordered an “immediate” investigation into forest fires that have ravaged thousands...
[The North Africa Journal] 03/08/2020

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